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CEIAG: Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance 

At Moorside High School, we value the importance of careers education and guidance to support our pupils in realising their potential and the routes they can take after their GCSEs. We want to ensure our pupils have the opportunity to explore their career ideas and the pathways available to them, through a variety of interactions and activities both here in school and externally through our network of partners and employers.

We are very proud to have been awarded the Inspiring IAG Gold Award – the quality award for Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance – during an inspection in July 2016. For more information on the Inspiring IAG award, click here

We are also working towards ensuring our Careers Education & Guidance programme at Moorside High School meets all the standards outlined in the recently developed Gatsby benchmarks. For more information about the 8 Gatsby benchmarks, please visit

If you have any further questions or queries regarding CEIAG, please contact a member of the careers team on 0161 921 1045.

Outline of CEIAG Delivery

CEIAG stands for “Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance”. As a school we ensure this is delivered through a variety of different activities which motivate and encourage our pupils. These include:

  • 1:1 careers guidance interviews with the school careers adviser, Simon Farmer
  • Careers tasks and tutorials in registration time
  • Financial Literacy Workshops
  • Mock interview events (Y11)
  • Careers Fairs & Trips
  • College taster days
  • Apprenticeship workshops
  • Guest speakers from the world of work
  • University trips
  • “Have a Go” careers day & “World of Work” 

Please see our Careers Overview for further details of our planned careers activity during the academic year. 

Our careers team

Simon Farmer

Simon is the school careers adviser, and is responsible for individual 1:1 careers guidance for pupils.

“I am a fully qualified careers adviser, with over ten years of experience supporting young people in Salford. I can provide dedicated impartial 1:1 careers guidance to pupils from Years 7-11 and information on various routes after Y11 including colleges & sixth forms, apprenticeships and jobs and universities. All pupils in Year 11 will receive a 1:1 meeting with me to discuss their options and will have support with applications to sixth form/colleges and apprenticeships. I also support Year 8 pupils with their option choices as requested.

To arrange a careers meeting, pupils should see me directly in school or request a meeting through their form teachers, head of year, or Mr Gillmon (Careers Leader). All pupils from Y7-Y11 are welcome to request careers interviews with me, but please note that Y11 will receive priority due to them being a transitional year group

Parents and careers are welcome to accompany their son/daughter at a careers meeting with me at a time of mutual convenience.


I am usually available in school Monday to Friday. I am mainly based in the Learning Resource Centre (LRC / Library).

Please contact me on the details below:


Telephone: 0161 921 1045

Careers Leader – Andrew gillmon, Assistant Head Teacher

Mr Gillmon is our designated lead on CEAIG at Moorside High and will be supporting the careers activities and events which take place throughout the academic year for all year groups


Mr Gillmon can be contacted:


Telephone: 0161 921 1045

A Careers Programme with access for all 

The success and achievement of our pupils is fundamental to all of us - they are the workforce of the future! Whether you are a pupil, a parent/carer, a teacher, an employer or a post-16 education or training provider, everyone can be involved in supporting careers activity and delivery in school. 


All pupils from Y7 to Y11, have an entitlement to careers education and guidance. Through our enrichment programme, all pupils will engage in at least one themed careers day each academic year. Activities may range from a "meet the employer" activity, "Have a Go"college taster days, "Mock interview" days, University visits or careers fairs - to name a few! All pupils have access to our impartial qualified careers adviser, Simon Farmer, to discuss their options post-16 and gain support with careers research and planning for the future. All pupils will receive an interview in Y11, but appointments can be requested from any year group. If pupils have any thoughts or ideas for careers activities, please speak to Mr Gillmon in school, or if pupils would like to arrange a careers interview, please speak to Mr Farmer who is in school on Thursdays and Fridays (or speak to your Head of Year who will arrange this for you!)

Parents & Carers

We welcome the involvement and support of parents & carers within careers education and guidance. Our careers adviser is available on a drop-in basis at each parent evening throughout the year. We also have a careers fair held on the Y11 parents evening where we invite parents & carers from Y10 and Y11 to meet with a range of colleges, apprenticeship providers and employers to learn more about the local provision available post-16 for their children. Parents & carers are welcome to arrange an appointment in school with their son or daughter to meet with Mr Farmer the school careers adviser - please email to schedule this. We also recognised that parents & carers have a wealth of knowledge and expertise within their own careers! If you would like to get involved in our careers programme yourself, please contact our careers leader Miss Angela Lea on 0161 921 1045 or by email -


Our teaching staff have an active interest in getting the very best from our pupils and inspiring them to achieve in whatever they do when they leave Moorside. Our teachers are keen to promote the variety of careers and opportunities available within their own subject areas - check out the careers displays staff have done in each department! 

Teachers can enhance careers activity through their subjects in a variety of ways - such as guest speakers in school, subject-focused careers trips, and employer-led careers lessons, with employers helping to deliver aspects of the curriculum. If teaching staff want to learn more about embedding careers into their lessons, please speak to Mr Gillmon our careers lead in school. We also have excellent support from Salford City Council through policy & development officer Sarah Scanlan, who teachers are welcome to contact by email - to discuss any ideas or activities.

Employers and Post-16 Providers

We understand that a successful CEIAG programme can not just be delivered internally. We value our excellent support from our industry links and from our network of post-16 providers, including colleges, universities and apprenticeship providers. Please see our Provider Access Statement below for more information about how to get involved!

Provider Access Statement


We recognise the value and importance of external influences on assisting our pupils to make realistic and informed choices on their careers and future plans leaving school. We are very keen to build links with our partners in Post-16 education, employment and training. As well as our internal careers programme and school careers adviser, we welcome the significant experience, skills and knowledge that our network of local colleges, employers, universities and training providers can bring to CEIAG at Moorside High School.

Opportunities for access 

There are a variety of opportunities for external partners to support our CEIAG programme at school including:

* Careers assemblies & talks

* Careers Workshops

* Mock Interviews

* Work Experience & Volunteering

* Careers Fairs

* Mentoring

* Off-site visits

Above are all examples of careers led activities we have had in school, but we are always open to develop any opportunities to inspire and encourage our pupils. 

Any external partners such as employers, colleges, universities or training providers that are interested in supporting our pupils through our CEIAG programme should make this request through our Careers Leader Mr Gillmon by email:

Visitors to school working with our pupils for careers related activities – individual or groups - will be expected to follow our procedures for safeguarding, as outlined in our school safeguarding & child protection policy. For any career activities taking place in school, we will do our best to accodomate requests regarding rooming and facilities such as ICT and technology as required. 

We also welcome any literature regarding courses, activities or opportunities – such as leaflets, prospectuses, posters – which can be made available to our pupils via our careers adviser and the careers area in our LRC, accessible to all pupils. Literature can be delivered to our main school reception to the attention of Simon Farmer, Careers Adviser, or can be emailed to

The impact of our CEIAG programme

Careers activity needs to be relevant and inspirational for our pupils. We measure and assess the impact of our careers programme through a variety of ways such as:

Y11 Destination Figures

We track our Y11 school leavers each summer to confirm post-16 plans, and we strive to support all our pupils into a positive activity. We aim to have as few 'NEET' (not in education, employment or training) destinations as possible, and strongly encourage all pupils to be engaged in education or further training. A strong investment in our careers programme reflects our positive destination figures (see "school leaver destinations" below).

Event feedback 

After each enrichment day (including careers days) we ask our pupils to feedback on the activity to find out what went pupils enjoyed and what they didn't. We also ask this of our teaching staff and of our visitors to make sure events are as successful as possible and improvements can be made.

Whole school careers survey

To improve our careers programme we have recently (Sep 2019) conducted an electronic whole school careers survey for our pupils to complete individually. The survey ask pupils to highlight their own career aspirations and interests, and to indicate their preferences for leaving school (e.g. pursuing a college course, or thinking about an apprenticeship). This data will then be analysed to ensure future activity is relevant to the pupils in our school, address any gaps in current provision or activity, and to ensure specific events or activities can be offered to pupils with matching interests. 

Careers interview feedback

Following an interview with the school careers adviser, pupils are encouraged to complete an annoymous online survey to give feedback on what they found useful from the meeting and any suggestions or comments for improvement. 

Student Voice

We encourage ongoing input from our pupils and want careers feedback through our student voice. We will use display boards in school to show an overview of pupil aspirations and choices (sourced via our careers surveys) and then our responses to this in form of relevant trips, activities and career interventions. 

Reviewing our delivery

We regularly review our delivery plans and activities. Our key careers staff liaise on a weekly basis to planning and delivering CEIAG in school. We are committed to reviewing our CEIAG programme via external inspection and accreditation through the Inspiring IAG Awards, where have achieved Level 3 (Gold) status in 2010, 2013 and 2016.

RPA (Raising the Participation Age)

Government legislation now requires all Year 11 school leavers to be engaged in further education OR training until the age of 18. For most school leavers this would mean:

* Attending a full-time course at a Further Education College or Sixth Form College

* Undertaking an apprenticeship (employment with accredited training)

* Full-time accredited training course (e.g. traineeship / pre-apprenticeship programme)

* Employment or voluntary work WITH part-time study

As a school, we are fully supportive of encouraging all our school leavers to continue to access further education or training on completion of their GCSEs, working with our partners in the local authority and the local careers service, Connexions Salford (Career Connect).

For more information on RPA, please see the link on the Salford Council webpage:

 School Leaver Destinations

The table below outlines our most recent destination figures for our previous Y11 cohort (2018 leavers).

Moorside High School 2018 Data % of School Cohort
Meeting Duty to Participate 202 99.5%
* Apprenticeship 12 5.9%
* College of FE 157 76.6%
* Employed with Accredited Training 0 0.0%
* School Sixth Form 3 1.5%
* Sixth Form College 22 10.7%
* Training 8 3.9%
Not Meeting Duty to Participate 3 1.5%
* Employed No Training 1 0.5%
* NEET Not Participating 2 1.%
* No Address 0 0.0%
*Destination Not Known 0 0.0%
Temporary Break From Learning 0 0.0%
Working Towards Participation 0 0.6%
Total 205 100.0%

This data is collated in partnership with Career Connect, on behalf of Salford City Council, showing destination figures as at 01/11/2018. Any school leavers “not meeting duty to participate” will continue to receive careers advice & guidance support from the Salford Connexions team within Career Connect 


Year 10 Work Experience

We are pleased to confirm that this summer, Year 10 will be participating in work experience, completing 5 days from 29th June - 3rd July 2020. We are working with external provider Changing Education who will be checking and confirming all placements. We ask where possible that pupils secure their own work placements, giving them freedom and flexibility to choose a placement that can be related to any future career aspirations. 
The pupils have had a presentation in school from Changing Education which you can view here and letters will be issued to parents by the end of this week. We hope to operate a paperless system to confirm work experience, and this is all being confirmed via a free downloadable app, as detailed in the presentation. We ask that all pupils confirm their placements via the app by Friday 3rd April 2020. 
Please see attached document  for further 
support in securing a self-placement.

If pupils or parents & carers have any queries, please contact Mr Farmer, careers adviser, or Mrs Copestake, Head of Year 10. We hope this is a valuable opportunity for Year 10 to experience the world or work and consider their future ambitions!

Useful CEIAG Websites

These are some of the websites the careers team have used in school or suggested to pupils to look at. Of course there are many others too! These may be a good starting point for pupils researching their career options, both in and out of school.

General Careers websites

Colleges and Sixth Forms

After Moorside High School, our Y11s have progressed onto a range of qualifications including A-level studies and Vocational courses. Previous destinations for our pupils have included:

Please view the website for further information on either college, or speak to Simon in school for more advice. Open evenings take place at colleges throughout the year, starting in September/October time, for Year 11 pupils (or younger!) to research their options.

For more general information about colleges options try…. 

Apprenticeships & Traineeships

For pupils hoping to enter the world of work immediately after GCSEs, apprenticeships are a fantastic way to get work experience AND qualifications, whilst earning a wage. Further information is below: - Interested in an apprenticeship after GCSEs or Sixth Form? This website is a great starting point. - Search and apply for local vacancies on the National Apprenticeship Website (Pupils in Y11 or above looking for an apprenticeship can get support from Simon, please ask for further help) - Further information and advice on apprenticeships - NOT keen on University?? This website is great for researching alternative options (including HIGHER apprenticeships) Not quite ready for a full apprenticeship, or struggling to secure one? A traineeship is ideal for gaining work experience, skills and confidence!


Pupils who achieve good GCSE results and progress onto advanced studies could be considering university to obtain a degree. Some careers (for example medicine, dentistry, veterinary science etc) will demand university studies. Further research is available below: – Thinking about going on to University? UCAS is the main way of applying to university by completing an online application – however the website is a great way of researching ANY UK degree course and find out about entry requirements etc. - Not sure which university to go to or what to study? This website has some great tips. - start comparing and contrasting universities based on your subjects and expected grades. - includes regional and national rankings and comparisons of UK universities

CEAIG Useful Documents

Pathway Booklet - Download

Apprenticeship information for parents - Download

Greater Manchester Growth Sectors - Download

Open Evenings

  • Click here to view the list of Open Evenings for 2019/2020